Monday, April 30, 2012

Idea for Akad Nikah's Dress

the 1st one exactly mcm theme akad nikah saye..
tp agak bright sikit..
so sweet rite??

Wedding Preps

On your mark.......
Get set.....




my Wedding Preps.....officially START!!

This is list of the Preparation that i will go thru it 1 by 1...

I will put all the thingy regarding MY PREPS on a next post. But now..i have to focus to DIY stuff above;

** BUNGA TISU / tissue flowers **
Bride's Room Wall Flower
Hanging Pom-pom
Canopy Decoration
Main Table for Makan Beradab
Bunga Telur/Bunga Pahar excited! sangat cantek..suka sgt.. n saye harus mendapatkan materials utk theme's wedd ASAP.

** Paper Bag for Door Gift **

Info from Bonda saye.. Para jemputan kami dianggarkan 2000++ pax..
Wahh..harus bertindak segera!

** Bunga Kain **

digunakan untuk Bunga Kendarat/ Bunga Dada.. 
Warna diperlukan harusla mengikut tema..Bronze & Orange
Macam bawah ni;

ok guys!! i have to struggle pagal utk merealisasikan impianku ini..huk3..
insyaAllah..saye BOLEH!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Henna Designs by Mr Google ;)

Here me put some others design which i love much..and maybe it will me my reference for next henna session.. or maybe just apply on my hand 1st to see how nice it was.. 

Take a look guyz!

all the designs above looks simple and sweet..isn't it? 
once me applied on my own hand or someone's..surely i put into my blog..
keep waiting ya?!